At TIER One Investments we pride ourselves on being a goal-oriented planning practise. With that in mind, we focus on educating our clients on the decisions that they need to make for their future. We focus on Structure and Strategy and not on product. We feel this gives our clients piece of mind when they work with us as they are empowered with the knowledge that they are making the right decision for them and their family. For us, a long-term relationship with our clients has been something we have enjoyed as we walk with them through the path of their life.

Our Services

At Tier One Investments we offer a wealth of products & services to help your financial future.

Tax Planning

As your largest personal expenses, it is imperative to plan for taxes when arranging your finances. This can include things as simple as the structure of your investments in an RRSP or TFSA, to the more complex matter of lowering your marginal tax rate. Making sure tax is in the forefront of your decision making process can help drive your returns and meet your goals.

Investment Planning

Equities, fixed income, Mutual Fund ETFs and Mutual Funds, what do they all mean, what are your options and how can they benefit you? How can you diversify correctly while still having a meaningful exposure to the markets? This is something that we excel in at TIER One Investments.

Estate Planning

Your family is your most important priority. They need to be protected and planned for in a way that promotes family unity and values. Having a clear picture of how you want to structure things for them is an important part of Estate Planning.

Retirement Planning

Sitting on a beach, skiing on the slopes, exploring new sights and making your own adventure is what drives us all to work so hard. Saving for your retirement doesn’t have to be so painful! Let us show you how to reach your goals while living your life!



Saving for your children(s) education in a flexible way while taking advantage of the government grants made available to you.


A tax deferral structure that provides the benefit of a tax deduction now.


A great way to grow your long-term money on a tax free basis.


A specially designed structure to save for a child or loved one that would be dependant on you into adulthood.


Money that is saved either personally or in a corporation.

Corporate Class Funds

This provides a tax deferral for money saved in a non-registered account thereby allowing your money to grow faster.

Tax Efficient Funds

This allows for funds to be paid out to you, say in retirement, in a format such as Return of Capital (ROC). 100% ROC means there is no taxes owed on that money which makes the funds last longer.


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